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why do these things keep happening to me?

Pay day...
went out...had a few drinks...went for last metro...got mugged.

The bastards have had my wallet , my phone..everything.

I console myself with the fact, although my face is a mess and i'm walking with a limp, both my knuckles are bruised.

Got sent home from work, Steve took one look at me and said "Rich ...take today off and for fuck sake gan to the police and report it"
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I want my damn own flat again

Mother dearest is of to Italy for a week and yours truly has been given a list of do's and don'ts...mostly don'ts.

I believe my mother has a distinct lack of faith in me as some of the don'ts are "Don't try and dry your laundry in the oven"
"Don't cook beef burgers in the toaster"

I know I have done some pretty daft things under the influence but....come on seriously...stop laughing!
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Interveiws are scary

Actually, insofar as i'm any judge, it went ok. Although I do feel i came across as a bit nervous.

The guy kept asking me for examples of how i've reacted in different work situations...some i had answers for, some i had to wing it and some i just out and out lied. Well even if I don't get it, at least i've stepped outside of my comfort zone and motivated myself to do something with my life. (theres alot of competition for this job, the guy had 12 files on the desk and those were just for today)

For the northeast mob, would thursday night or friday night be better for meeting for drinkies?

Also am sending a big stack of mental *hugs* to anyone who feels they need one.

Quote of the Day: Some say the glass is half empty, some say it is half full. However the world belongs to those who look at the glass and say "excuse me is this my glass? i don't think so, MY glass was full and it was a bigger glass!" Terry Pratchett
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Well, its official, I have naff all to do. Even resorted to cleaning up my mams kitchen.

Confirmed interveiw time. 8 in the fecking morning, on monday, and its about an hour and a half journey. Wonder if would be easier to stay up all night rather than attempt to get up early.

I'm hungry...I want pizza...

Quote of the Day: "mmm...pizza" Homer Simpson
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I can practically hear the duelling banjos...

Before I get into this, just wanna let you guys know I aced the interveiw and they've invited me to a second one on monday morning. (also, if I get this job, people are forbidden...on pain of being beaten severely about the head and body...from singing "Postman Pat", "The Mail Must Go Through" or "Hey! Mr Postman" at me)

Now, having just taken a walk through the city centre of my home town of Sunderland for the first time in the 2 weeks i've been back...i'm remembering why i never came back.

3 Years ago I got on the metro to newcastle and as the doors closed I yelled "so long Sunderland!! you ever see me back in this town you'll know I fucked up badly"

It has never occurred to me how seriously I meant that until today!!

Quote of the Day: You can't come home again - Thomas Wolfe
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Ok went out on the beer on thursday night. (6 Women. 1 bloke...with me so far...ALL lesbians so my powers of womanising are useless). Get bullied into going to a karioke bar...Recieved a standing ovation for my extremely drunk Johnny Cash impression...don't believe me...I gots witnesses

Andys birthday pissup went well...I was the sober one for once.

tomorrow I have a job interveiw what I are skiving the first 2 hours of my shift at Macs for.

Love and Hugs
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Bright new day?

Well spent the last few months moping around feeling sorry for myself, doing some phenomonally stupid things and making a complete tit of myself. Today i've managed to motivate myself and start over again.

I feel so much better for actually getting off my arse and doing something positive. Applied for a couple of really good jobs, and will be going to harrass the council about a flat on my break tomorrow and if that doesn't look like moving forward will look into house shares again.

...and to whoever you are spreading the unpleasant rumours about me, in a feeble effort to keep me down, I will find you and you will regret it.

Quote of the Day: "When you can't run anymore, you crawl and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you" Captain Malcom Reynolds (Firefly)
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Every man has his breaking point

Ok, My behavior lately has not been entirely sane or of an acceptable standard. I have hurt my friends and caused them a lot of worry.

It stops now, I am not going any further down this self destructive path i promise.

This week will be spent hunting for a new flat, as my landlord has changed his mind and will be selling the one i'm currently living in.

Also Gemz, please call me, I think I'm ready to talk to someone now.
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I went to the Great Erdrejan Fayre and all I got was my ribs smashed in by the Prince Regent

I love lARP


Being Icarus the drunken gate - captain. Only two diplomatic incidents but they were doosies.

Upsetting Drewin and getting challenged to a duel. Only when Vadek comes to marshall it he says "I am sick of all the bickering and infighting in this nation, so you two won't be duelling each other....you'll be duelling ME!!" pulls out the hornblade and launches at Icarus who parries the first blow by accident, the second by luck and takes the third right accros the chest.

Redeeming myself for drunken shenanigans by chasing down a couple of tranny daggerboys.

The Charge lead by Manthar, Running full pelt yelling "moh'sh pytt ....death to the spiders...heart faith and steel"

Quality time with leto

Invoking the Ark

Tapper winning the bards guild contest

Juggerball, the cheerleading chants, deciding we were so shite we should let the cheerleaders have a go.


the barbeque

Vadek launcher


many hugs

Low points:

The new tavern sucked

administration fuckups

Losing my sleeping bag and having only a blanket for the coldest night of the year, go team Hypothermia...although I think gemz got it worse.

the weather in general

A conversation in the pub train station.

Quote of the weekend: "We're sober and we shouldn't be, We're sober and we shouldn't be"

Quote of the day: Good manners are just the latest casualty in the ongoing collapse of western civilization
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