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Pretty crap week all told

I won't bore you with the details of whats wrong, instead i'll tell you about the few bits of right.

Ummmmmm....roleplay is going pretty good...thats about it.

...oh and GEF at the weekend
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nicked from mandy

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Not much to report....

...so i'll talk about role - play instead. Last nights session went pretty good. Our group still hasn't found out that Macs character is dead , which my character will feel really bad about cos it was my idea to split up to escape the police. It should be quite pathetic, seeing a 7 foot irish cyborg cry...

Then i managed to disgrace myself at a formal dinner, so a mage used magic to give me the shits.

nextday i start taking lessons in piloting big, fuckoff walking battletanks (battlemechs to you and me)
This game is a load of fun.

Real life is pretty boring. Just working and trying to keep out of trouble, also quit smoking again yesterday and i'm just starting to get withdrawal symptoms. So i'll be completely insufferable within the next day or so.

Quote of the day: "remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it to fast"
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Don't drink anymore big man, its making you melancholy

Spent the past hour going over music I've heard at various peoples funerals (i'm in that kind of mood).

I've never really bothered with classical music but the one they played at my nanas funeral always really gets to me. Its called "con te partiro"

For those of you who haven't heard it...


I wonder what should be played at mine...

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Stealth Tank for the win!!!

What a weekend, what an event!!

I don't know where to start. It was totally fucking awesome!!

Some of my favourite moments:

Sneaking up on the wraith "be werry werry qwuiet, i am hunting unliving" and not having my chainmail jingling so loud that it would alert him.

The really intense, stay - alive -kill - as - many - as - you - can moshes
The monster crew were awesome

"you have been convicted of theft...the punishment is death...Icarus, execute him" Getting to deathmat dave.

Singing the Torg song as part of a rite

Seeing Vadek get knocked across the room by the Ark, total "oh shit" moment.

The look on duvalls face when he realised he only had one officer left...yes for 44 seconds Icarus was in charge of the military...Dredd steps in and said "permission to revive my old generals rank". I don't think i've ever seen doc look so relieved.
Quote of the Weekend: "yeah we got all the traps its safe to go in now..."
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Sugar, starch, grease and burnt, crunchy bits

Couldn't find anymeans of entertaining myself, so I went on a cleaning rampage in the kitchen.

Did the dishes...some of which fought back.
Scrubbed the worktops...wiping out entire microscopic civilisations.
Tackled evil Cookertop of Doooooom!!...not so much cleaning, more like a jihad.

Still can't get an extra shift at work and tomorrow will be spent preparing for the event, so next payday is gonna suck unless I get them to stick my holiday pay on. A bit shit cos I was saving that for the Great Edrejan Fayre event next month.

...And dedicated to all the little microbes i killed today,

Quote of the Day: "i am become Death...the destroyer of worlds" Oppenheimer, on the detonation of the atomic bomb.
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Well, the fates certainly do seem to be conspiring against us...

Just heard from Andy that he has to work saturday and won't be able to make the event. Damn real life getting in the way of LARP.

Spent about twenty minutes kicking around alternative plans and we might have come up with something.

Was hoping to be at work today (there's a sentence I never thought i'd type)but they don't need anyone extra today. Either that or no - one can be bothered to phone me.

Also seen as i have failed miserably to quit smoking, I have set my new quit date for the 30th of april, so we'll see how that goes. I don't know what it is, its not like i even enjoy it anymore

Quote of the day: "the World Health Organisation now says that smoking is worse for than was first thought. We used to think it could kill you - now what? Does it stomp on your head when you die?" Jay Leno
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Damnation tiv the managers

I don't know, you skive one day and then they won't let you work the next. Don't they realise i have a lARP event coming up!!! How dare they try to reduce my beer fund!!!

Trying to get a doctors appointment to have something looked at, that i've put off for far too long. However this isn't easy, might have to get one for Saturday, which is my next, scheduled, day off.

Quote of the Day: "never entrust your life to a surgeon with more than three band - aids on his hands" American proverb
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Skiving, skiving, skiving

I drank too much and stayed up half the night talking to roy, so i was way to hungover to go to work today...and i was to tired to even care about phoning in. I am in bother.

Sunday night at stripped was pretty good, my set went great, i am awesome. Could have done with more people being there, and the damn emo band playing upstairs should be immediately fucked and burned, for polluting my ears during my stint on the door.

Kinda wish i'd had longer cos there was stuff i wanted to play that there just wasn't time for. Made people happy by playing their requests, aren't I nice?

I do kinda feel hug deprived, so any volunteers?

Quote of the Day: "When you go into work, if your name is on the building, you're rich. If your name is on your desk, you're middle class. If your name is on your shirt, you're poor" Rich Hall
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